Maintenance Products

Meadow Valley Log Homes offers a complete line of products to protect and maintain all of your exterior wood.  Some of the quality products we offer are shown below.  For answers to your specific needs, call or e-mail us.

PPG ProLuxe SRD (Siding Rails & Decks) Log Siding Stain (what we use in our prefinish options)

                                                                                                                   One gallon or five gallon pails

Item Description Part #
5 gal PPG SRD Dark Oak 5040000009
5 gal PPG SRD Cedar 5040000077
5 gal PPG SRD Natural 5040000078
1 gal PPG SRD Dark Oak 5040001009
1 gal PPG SRD Cedar 5040001077
1 gal PPG SRD Natural 5040001078

Log Builder Caulk

10½ ounce or 30 ounce tubes

Colors: Tan or Woodtone


Item Description Part #
30oz Log Builder Woodtone 5020022902
30oz Log Builder Tan 5020022901
10.5oz Log Builder Woodtone 5020021002
10.5oz Log Builder Tan 5020021001

Log Jam Chinking

30 ounce tubes or 5 gallon buckets

Colors: Buff, Tan, or Woodtone Cedar


Item Description Part #
5 gal Log Jam Tan 5020010501
5 gal Log Jam Woodtone Cedar 5020010502
5 gal Log Jam Buff 5020010503
30oz Log Jam Tan 5020012901
30oz Log Jam Woodtone Cedar 5020012902
30oz Log Jam Buff 5020012903

Organiclear Log Home Stain
One gallon or five gallon pails


Item Description Part #
5 gal Organiclear WR5 (exterior) Ivory 5010050503
5 gal Organiclear WR5 (exterior) Honey 5010050502
5 gal Organiclear WR5 (exterior) Golden Oak 5010050504
1 gal Organiclear WR5 (exterior) Ivory 5010050103
1 gal Organiclear WR5 (exterior) Honey 5010050102
1 gal Organiclear WR5 (exterior) Golden Oak 5010050104
5 gal Organiclear IWF (interior) Clear 5010010501
5 gal Organicelar IWF (interior) Honey 5010010502
1 gal Organiclear IWF (interior) Clear 5010010101
1 gal Organiclear IWF (interior) Honey 5010010102